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These are floor plans of the B&B in 3D to show you the distribution of the spaces and give you a better sense of your room location.

First Floor

The first floor has three guest rooms:

  • Room 1 - Gardenia (facing the street)

  • Room 2 - Camelia (also facing the street)

  • Room 4 - Jazmín

A lounge area with a TV for our guests, a small refrigerator, and a purified water dispenser.​


The public areas like the living room, the covered courtyard with a beautiful fountain are available for our guests use. Except for the kitchen where only employees are allowed.

Second Floor Plan.png

Second Floor

The second floor has two guest rooms and the Manager's quarters:

  • Room 5 - Gladiola (with a nice balcony facing the interior patio)

  • Room 6 - Tulipan 

A beautiful terrace where you can soak up the sun in one of our zero-gravity chairs, or drink wine while star gazing.

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