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BJX - León's International Airport
(30 mins. by car to our front door)

The capital of the state of Guanajuato is León, where their International Airport is located. Major airlines that fly into León are: Aeromexico, Air France, American Airlines, Air Canada, British Airways, Gol, Latam, United,Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and Volaris.

Once you arrive to León's airport and have cleared Customs & Immigration you will exit the arrival gate. Approach the Taxi counter and buy a  ticket to Parque Embajadoras, it should be about $600 pesos ($30 U.S. Dollars approximately).  They will point you to exit the building where the taxis are lines up. Give them your ticket and our address.

Please note that UBER might not be allowed to enter the airport to pick you up.

GDL - Guadalajara's International Airport
(4 hour ride by bus to Guanajuato)

Flying into Guadalajara may save you a few hundred dollars. From the airport take a taxi to the New Bus Station in Guadalajara. Take an executive bus (ETN or Primera Plus) to Guanajuato Capital.


Once you have arrived to the Bus Station in Guanajuato take a taxi to our BnB.


(15-20 minutes to our front door)

From the Bus Station in Guanajuato go outside the terminal. There you will find a line with taxis that are available.

UBER works in Guanajuato, however, waiting times may be greater than taking a Taxi.

(From Mexico City or León)
  1. Look for a roundabout named "Glorieta Santa Fe"and"Hotel Gran Plaza", take the street to the right of the Hotel (known as "Acceso Diego Rivera").

  2. This road eventually will turn into a tunnel.

  3. At the end of the tunnel you will see the "Normal School Building" (in pink flagstone).

  4. Turn left on that street named "Paseo de la Presa".

  5. Continue on this street until you see a "Y" intersection with a newsstand on your left.

  6. At the "Y" intersection take the road on the right.

  7. Look for the flags on the right and our front door.

Please note that our PARKING

is located offsite.

It is an additional cost of:

$250 pesos/24 hours and 

$15 pesos/1 hour or a fraction of an hour.

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