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Guanajuato is a tourist destination for Mexican nationals and therefore has a very family oriented atmosphere. All year long there is something to do from: Mariachi's playing at night in the main square, to the troubadours playing traditional songs as they take you through the main alleys and historic sites.

The night life is such an important part of the cultural experience in Guanajuato that the streets are very safe to walk. Of course we advise people to refrain from walking by themselves through the alleys at night.

As a UNESCO designated city, Guanajuato is full of history and culture. Due to its historic value, there are no street lights in this part of the city. This is a very fun walkable city with all the traffic going through underground tunnels.

Guanajuato is also know for its language immersion programs, there are options to choose from:

To learn more about things to do and places to explore in Guanajuato click on the links below:

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